Monday, August 15, 2011

Sea of Love - The Beaches

Midway through our B.V.I. honeymoon, we still hadn't made it to one of the top attractions on Virgin Gorda - The Baths. So we hired a taxi and bumped our way along the island's main road to the edge of the national park where a trail strewn with giant boulders hinted at what was to come.

100 0229

With a little effort, we reached our reward!

100 0233

The Baths! After hearing Mr. PaC's stories of this beautiful place, I fretted (needlessly) the real thing wouldn't live up to expectations.

100 0234

Surreal sea and sky. Daytrippers at anchor.

100 0255

It was so ungodly hot that our only escape was exploring "the caves" connecting the two beaches. Which is merely a denser concentration of granite boulders haphazardly stacked in such a way that it formed a maze-like passage over, under and between said boulders.

100 0267

Off we go! This first passageway required a crouch-waddle movement during which I may have shot Mr. PaC an incredulous look as I expected the caves to progressively become more difficult. Thankfully, this was it for tight squeezes.

100 0272

One of the serenely beautiful tidal pools with powdery soft sand. This would be a good spot to hide pirate treasure!

100 0282

Emerging out of the caves for a moment between the beaches, this was our view. See that the tidal pool in the foreground? It's home to a rather territorial little fish that enjoyed nipping our toes.

100 0291

Devil's Bay - the other side of the caves. We stood on the edge of the cave for a good minute surveying the view, stunned at how gorgeous a natural place could be. Nothing we've ever seen exceeds the B.V.I. in natural beauty.

100 0292

The salinity of the water made it ridiculously easy to float.

100 0299

Photographic proof I went into the water! I like to tell Mr. PaC I have a healthy respect for the ocean and all its creatures, especially sharks. (Thank goodness Shark Week had not aired before our honeymoon!)

100 0389

The following morning, we departed LDB via powerboat. Our destination? Mountain Trunk Bay, north of the resort on the west coast, for a private beach drop and picnic lunch.

100 0394

Approaching Mountain Trunk.

100 0401

Pinch me. Seriously. We're looking out onto The Dogs from here, specifically Great Dog and George Dog. Scrub Island, Great Camanoe and Tortola loom in the distance.

100 0408

More craggy rocks and beaches strewn with rock. In crevices, we found sea urchin, snail and crab. I had plenty of beach to explore and returned with a good shell haul.

100 0426

This spot was purported to have some great snorkeling so Mr. PaC brought his gear. But the water depth jumped from 2' to 15' almost immediately, so he couldn't help but wonder what size fish were in those depths if we had good sized fish and large sea turtles in our 3' deep protected bay. That and I wasn't going out there - as bait or lifeguard. No way. No how.

100 0431

So he built more rock sculptures.

Because you made it this far... here's your video reward, a panoramic view of Mountain Trunk Beach:

Our waterproof video camera rocks! It took all of the above shots and many HD movies. And not once did I ever worry about getting it wet, sandy or being rough with it. My (malfunctioning) dSLR stayed in the room safe for the entire trip.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sea of Love - Spas & Seclusion

Not many men have set foot in a spa. Willingly. Or would readily admit it. But now we can count my husband in the small number of guys who've set a manicured toe inside. In all fairness, I don't think he would have tagged along had it not been a couples massage.

100 0177

After discovering there was an infinity pool just for spa guests, we decided to show up early. Like 2 hours early! What? You would have done the same thing.

100 0111

Seriously dreamy. Not one but TWO pools overlooking the ocean. All to ourselves. Mr. PaC hovered at the pool's edge like a child waiting to jump in after eating while I snapped photos of the undisturbed pool.

100 0115 100 0173

We soaked and swam 'til our fingers turned prune-y, then attempted the hot tub until the mosquitoes chased us (me) away.

100 0144

(One of my absolute favorite pics from our honeymoon.)

Hopping back into the pool to escape aforementioned mosquitoes, we spied rock and what could be a beach just below the cliff. I wonder if we can get down there?

100 0138

Yes we can! (via a steep, slippery man-made series of rock stairs)

100 0489

100 0150

This secluded beach is Casey Bay on the northwestern edge of the resort. (It's the only place we didn't run into our celebrity!)

100 0493 100 0497

Unable to resist his inner child, Mr. PaC scrambled over the rocks and began work on the first of many PaC stacked rock sculptures.

100 0159

For the curious and amused, I passed on the mani-pedi since mine were still in great shape. They would have gone to waste... so Mr. PaC had his very first manicure AND pedicure sans polish. I have NEVER seen his hands look better. Why I didn't ask him to do this for the wedding, I don't know!

100 0189
Post spa-treatment bliss.

We enjoyed Casey Bay's privacy and close proximity so much that we traversed its steep trail several more times. The resort beach was never crowded, but a gorgeous Caribbean beach to yourself is a real treat!

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Sea of Love - Dining in the Dark

As part of our trip package, Mr. PaC and I were treated to a sunset dinner on the beach. We had so many awesome things on the itinerary that I really never gave it a second thought. Until we walked out onto the beach and saw this...

100 0342 100 0362

Our private table overlooked the half mile of beach, bay, reef and beyond at Little Dix Bay. We were in for three courses of bliss.

100 0343 100 0354

*clink* *clink* with some Sauvignon Blanc


Seafood appetizers & entrees: mahi mahi, lobster, shrimp & swordfish

100 0370

100 0363 100 0366

How to pass time between courses? Take photos of each other. (Oooo, you can see my new bling!)

100 0376

I can still hear the palm leaves rustling in the tropical breeze. Oh wait, that's the neighbor sweeping the sidewalk. (Honeymoon's over...)

100 0380

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sea of Love - Getting Our Feet Wet

After settling in, we began exploring our little bit of paradise.

100 0471 100 0612

Stunning powder soft beaches and insanely gorgeous water - check!

100 0465

Incredible vistas from the restaurants - check!

100 0337

A place to imbibe a Dark & Stormy or two - check!

100 0333

Comfy and stylish place to lounge - check! (Love those fabrics!)

100 0477 100 0481

Secluded pool (for celebrity sightings) - check!

100 0559 100 0552

The best seat in the house - check!

100 0467 100 0468

A place to browse Weddingbee and Facebook - check!!!

100 0331

Somewhere to crash after too much sun and rum - check!

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