Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sea of Love - Dining in the Dark

As part of our trip package, Mr. PaC and I were treated to a sunset dinner on the beach. We had so many awesome things on the itinerary that I really never gave it a second thought. Until we walked out onto the beach and saw this...

100 0342 100 0362

Our private table overlooked the half mile of beach, bay, reef and beyond at Little Dix Bay. We were in for three courses of bliss.

100 0343 100 0354

*clink* *clink* with some Sauvignon Blanc


Seafood appetizers & entrees: mahi mahi, lobster, shrimp & swordfish

100 0370

100 0363 100 0366

How to pass time between courses? Take photos of each other. (Oooo, you can see my new bling!)

100 0376

I can still hear the palm leaves rustling in the tropical breeze. Oh wait, that's the neighbor sweeping the sidewalk. (Honeymoon's over...)

100 0380

Catch up on the PaC honeymoon! We arrive. We explore.

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