Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cheap bakers twine and other slightly less important news

Had to share this incredible find (courtesy of my friend Jane): $9.95 for 3,400 YARDS of bakers twine!

Pink Bakers Twine via

And no, this deal isn't only for red twine. They have just about every color, including some of the harder to find ones like pink, orange, lime green and light blue. I knew you guys would appreciate it, especially with the holidays coming up! I've already ordered mine so I'm not worried about it selling out. Go get your own spool here.


I know this blog has been too quiet lately. Being busy is no excuse because we all are, but I am/have been. I swear! The mister and I have used every nice weekend between Labor Day and today to work on the patio project. We're finally at a point where I can see forward progress. No more digging. No more dirt piles up to my waist.

This was last weekend: 4x4 poles and sakrete for the fence posts. Now we have a raised garden bed in the rear and a 2" layer of crusher run (gravel) down. Next is sand... and then the pavers.

Work has really picked up and I've had back-to-back clients, which is atypical for this time of year. (Extra money is good. It allows me to buy silly things, like spools of bakers twine.) I'm in charge of the office holiday mailing from creation to dropping it off at the post office. No easy feat for 700+ clients.

No matter how organized I am, the holidays sneak up on me. Never mentally ready for them to start. Two weeks ago while picking up ornament crafting supplies for my Weddingbee secret bee, someone was driving around with Christmas music blasting from their car. I remember thinking, "Really??! Really?" But if that's what it takes to get your head into the holiday spirit... *sigh*

So on top of all the holiday shopping, ornament-making, card-mailing, and ambitious crafting and cooking projects, I'm creating seven individual wedding albums as presents. (I must be nuts.) Four are complete - the easier, smaller (<40 page) ones. The larger, more detailed parent albums are next. After  busting my butt to get those first four albums out the door for a 25% off discount, Shutterfly announced a 40% off discount (book40) the very next day. Of course. So now I need to get the three albums done asap to snag this deal.

What are you up to this weekend?

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