Sunday, June 3, 2012

PaC Man and Wife: The Video

Hey hive! You have no idea how I've missed you all these months! (Do you even remember me?) I hope you won't mind me popping back in because I've got something wonderful to share with you - our wedding video! This video was a true labor of love compiled from footage shot by our friends and family and edited by me. Big props go to my cousin Sean who shot hours of video like it was his job! (The audio at the very end is him!)

A year ago today, Mr. PaC and I exchanged vows in an intimate garden wedding. The day was absolute perfection! It exceeded both of our expectations and I cannot wait to share all the sweet details with you. Consider this wedding video the "soft opening" before the grand opening that will be the Pain au Chocolat recaps!

Some of our favorite video moments:

  • Bucolic countryside blurring together into shades of green and yellow.
  • The shot of the venue's sunroom covered in climbing hydrangea.
  • OMG, all of our faces (especially mine) during the ceremony.
  • The audio during the hand-fasting ceremony. Listen carefully.
  • Mr. PaC tries to walk down the aisle before the musical cue.
  • Followed by him dancing down the aisle.
  • My grandparents goofing off as they cut a rug on the dance floor!
  • Minute mark 5:00 never fails to make me giggle, no matter how many times I watch it.
  • The audio Easter egg at the very end.
We had fun! Can you tell?

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