Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Got Mine

The Pain au Chocolats are married! Although we tied the knot almost two weeks ago, the wedding bliss just continues!

Our wedding was absolute perfection. Neither of us would change a thing. So how did it go?

One barefoot best man, two guests still in need of a designated driver the next day, one very fast convertible, one broken nose, one sprained ankle, two shiny new rings, one "borrowed" sailboat, 42 hairpins, one spontaneous combustion, 250 photo booth pictures, one wardrobe malfunction, two nights of professional fireworks... and one beaming bride!

Hive, you were with me in spirit throughout the whole day! I thought of you especially in the morning of the wedding, when I was torn between setting up all my DIY projects/getting ready and composing my last post as an unmarried woman (and bee). There were no quiet moments in the whirlwind of days prior... so I just surrendered myself to it all and soaked in every last glorious minute of it.

It's good to be back!

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