Thursday, June 2, 2011

What day is it?

Bride brain. I walk into a room and forget what I came in for. Frequently. My mind is ping-ponging from one thought to another. Five minutes later I snap to. This foreign behavior is unsettling. Must make more to-do's. Focus. One thing at a time. Breathe.

Scrambling to get our house ready for my family who's staying here until the hotel block starts. So much to do. My mind is racing thinking about everything that remains between now and Saturday morning...

Thank goodness Mr. PaC and I are both off from work today. We spent a few hours at the mall purchasing parent gifts, buying bulk items from Costco for the OOT bags and doing as much as we can in advance.

I want to put my phone and email on Do Not Disturb. And simply chill between now and the big day. We've busted our butts to earn this week of nothing to do. It's been pretty quiet since the 30 day mark. (Hel-lo Mexico trip!)

But the chaos is descending. My mom, sister and aunt arrived today in between my dentist appointment and our last dance lesson. Suddenly, I'm activities coordinator for everyone while trying to tie up all these loose ends, stay cool (OMG it's so hot) and remember to eat.

Everyone wants to help. We've been asked variants of this question more times than we heard "When's the big day?" or "What are your colors?" but there's nothing left to do. Mr. PaC and I have done it all in our luxurious 19 months. If I'm being completely honest, I'm happiest when working quietly by myself or alongside Mr. PaC. We're often on the same wavelength so projects don't need a lot of explaining or discussion. So relieved there are no projects remaining. I don't see how I'd have the time or energy to complete them without a moment to myself.

Oh, eat.

It's lovely having my family stay in our little house, but I need some space. To give them a place to sleep, the "wedding room" has been emptied of its boxes (now in the kitchen) and OOT bags (tucked into corners of the living room). I still need to pack for the honeymoon, which will have to wait until I get our guest bedroom back.

A quick check of the forecast made my tummy flip-flop: thunderstorm? Reading further: scattered thunderstorms, 30%. Phew.

I travel with a posse now. We're so big we need a minivan. Yeh, that's how I roll. (My car's AC crapped out last Friday [the first hot day] and I don't have time to get it recharged.) My sister drives the minivan while I provide directions. We drove all over today. Airport pick-ups, hotel drop-offs, hotel pick-ups and caravaning to Mr. PaC's dad's house for a welcome dinner. It's like herding cats.

Oh, and my dad is super sick and weak. Oh, eat.

Thursday (today):
For a few weeks now I've said how surreal this whole experience is. It doesn't feel like something huge is coming. Certainly not a party for 85 people. But this morning, the knot of nervous energy in my tummy says otherwise. Mr. PaC was up super early this morning; he's anxious too. His mom arrives soon with the last goodies for the OOT bags. Today is an errand day. Where's my list?

It's a little after 11am and my cell rang for the first time. Not too bad. It's Mom reporting in. Dad is not doing better. His coughing kept her awake for most of the night. My sister, sharing their room, miraculously (ahem, 4 drinks at hotel bar) slept through the disturbance. They want to visit Terrain @ Styers and wineries. I encourage them to go without me. It's better for everyone's sanity.

Hive, so glad we could catch up -- even if it's been me doing all the talking today! It's been a whirlwind of a week. We still have two more days to go. I now understand why newlyweds sleep the first two days of their honeymoon. Hoping to pop back in once or twice more before the big day.

(Oh, eat.)

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