Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dancing Myself Into A Corner

Hive, I need your help! With a week to go before the wedding, I haven’t picked a father-daughter dance song. Well... that’s not entirely true. The two songs I picked were shot down by Daddy PaC. And we haven’t come up with anything suitable since then.

Some helpful background information:

I'm so proud of my dad.

- Daddy PaC is a musician. He taught himself to play guitar in high school, rocked in a band before I was born and continues to play music in a band and at church. He really has an ear for music! The man owns enough guitars to fill my old bedroom -- just ask Mom!
- We share a love of The Beatles.
- Neither of us is an experienced dancer. A choreographed dance number is not going to work.

When I excitedly suggested my two favorite father-daughter dance songs, "Blackbird" and "In My Life" by The Beatles, he nixed them for tempo reasons. Straight from Daddy PaC: "'Blackbird' is a fast tempo song... and 'In My Life' has a bit of a strange 'beat.' It’s like 3/4 time and does change in several parts of the song. They are both very nice songs but I don’t think danceable is their strong suit."

Oh, I was bummed! Here we had sentimental, slower songs by one of our favorites artists... and no.

Daddy PaC gave it some more thought and came up with "Ann" by David Gates, the same artist they selected for their wedding song. He also suggested if I wanted to pay homage to our French heritage, "French Waltz" by Nicolette Larson (my namesake) would be nice. These traditional songs were lovely, but nowhere near what I had in mind.

Thinking that if Daddy PaC saw our playlists, he'd understand the vibe and be able to utilize his music knowledge to suggest a really cool song, I emailed over the song list. Here's a representative sampling:

Mother/Son: Wildflowers - Tom Petty


Rock, Alt, Indie and a little Reggae

He didn't recognize 90% of the songs and the remaining 10% didn't jump out at him, so he bowed out of the decision. Which left me feeling sad... and guilty. (I had no idea the father-daughter dance was so emotionally charged!)

When I asked my married friends what they danced to and/or would suggest, I came across three schools of thought:
1. Dance to what you want
2. Dance to what he wants
3. Don't stress out over the song. You won't remember it years from now. (I would.)

So hive, I'm putting it out there. I need help. You guys are the experts. Wow me with your recommendations!

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