Sunday, May 15, 2011


Just ordered: 40" silver mylar balloons!

Via, for purchase here and here

Several months after I'd decided we must have GIANT balloons at our wedding, I spotted them on super sweet engagement shoot:

images via: 100 Layer Cake / photographer: Trent Bailey

But I didn't worry about originality. Because, in my mind, I thought of it first... before seeing it in wedding mags or blogs. So it counts as an original idea. (Even though there are no original ideas. Just really cool borrowed ones.)

They're intended for use as a photobooth props, but if they make their way out onto the dance floor... I may have to take one for a spin. Up, up and away!

By the by, if you're interested in pricing: Amazon had the best overall deal, although I almost ordered through (shipping and handling costs more than the products?) because their balloons were only $6.

What whimsical things have you purchased for the wedding? Are you playing with scale (miniature or HUGE) at your reception?

Miss Pain au Chocolat

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