Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

Mr. PaC and I jetting off to attend our friends' wedding in Mexico... on Cinco de Mayo! All I can think is gonna be one heck of a celebration!

Wedding pavilion at sunset

Initially, I dug my heels deep into the beach sand over the time, expense, and additional stress of traveling less than one month before our wedding. But you know what? I'm glad Mr. PaC convinced me we should go. At 30 days out, an odd sense of calm has come over me and I find myself looking forward to the downtime, shaking loose of all the wedding stress, and most of all, celebrating with our friends and the newlyweds.

The resort shortly after opening in 2008 during our first trip.

See you when we return from our practice honeymoon! (Mr. PaC's name for this trip.)

What sacrifices would you make to attend a friend's destination wedding?

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