Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Golden Girls

After what seems like forever, I've finally found jewelry for my sister and BM R! You see, it's not that we couldn't find jewelry we liked, it's that we found TOO much jewelry we liked. How do you narrow down hundreds of awesome pieces when the choice is left up to you... and you've never done this before?

A marathon shopping trip (6 hours in new wedges - ouch, dummy!) a few weeks ago turned up a few possibilities. BM R, who trends toward classic and blingy, was coveting this lovely pair:

Nadri CZ Drop Earrings via Nordstrom

They were even more sparkly spectacular under those Nordstrom lights, but $88/pair was more than I wanted to spend. (The girls' dresses and jewelry are my wedding present to them.) So we agreed to keep looking. Fortunately, we all agreed that the jewelry would be a pair of statement earrings (chandelier or drop) and nothing else. Preferably in gold with clear or colored stones that worked with their yellow gowns.
via Kendra Scott: Jeanine - $75 & Gwen - $100, both in white lily

via Kendra Scott: Danielle - $60, yellow onyx

No one was wild about these; BM R was still thinking about those Nordstrom blingies. Even with 20% off and qualifying for free shipping, it wasn't enough. I pressed on. Many emails full of links were exchanged. Then I stumbled back to etsy. Shortly thereafter, I became overwhelmed with options.

image via Somethingjeweled - $42
(my sister's favorite)

image via joojooland - $39
(BM R's favorite)

These were too much like what we could buy locally. I wanted more color, more personality. More searching...

image via Liveinstyle - $21

image via CelesteLaurenDesigns - $66

image via LeBijouPrecieux - $43

I pushed for color with these two pairs.

TigerlilyandClover - $52

image via Madebysam - $39.98

By now, Mr. PaC was weighing in. (Anything to expedite what was becoming a protracted process.) At the risk of becoming a jewelry expert, he advised me to keep looking for something with a fine jewelry look. And then I saw a pair that I could NOT resist...

The only problem was there was just one pair for sale. What would the other girl wear? Lucky for me, the seller confirmed she could make another pair and ship them out in time for our early June wedding. Score!

images via madebysam - $59.98

(What about all those other earrings that I love so much? Well, now that I've seen them I can't forget about them. Perhaps some post-wedding shopping is in order!)

Where did you find jewelry for your bridal party? Did you too find it difficult to resist not shopping for yourself??

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