Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lookin' Luminous

Another project has been crossed off our to-do list! This can only mean one thing -- the end is near. No, not that end. The end of wedding planning! And with every end, there is always a beginning to look forward to. Ah, but that's a post for another day. You're here to see latest project, right?

Mr. PaC strung up a group of our lanterns so we could perfect the desired look (aka follow my design). The lanterns will be bunched in clusters and run in a diagonal pattern under the terrace tent to take advantage of the existing hooks and supports. We've planned for four groups: two ends and two middles. The middle groups will have more and larger lanterns for no reason other than that's how I decided it would go. Plans may change once we begin setup. I'm okay with this as long as it looks 80% good.

The LED and batteries - pre-assembled and pre-strung for ease of installation

Lights off.

We're not relying on these for illumination, just ambiance. That relieves some of the stress. It is what it is at this point.

What our guests will see. (Laying on the floor to get this shot.)

Each lantern group will have between 12-14 lanterns varying in size from 12-20" and color (white to dark yellow). I'm most excited about the 20" lanterns!

Glow, baby, glow.

Like the hunt table display, these lanterns are packed and ready for assembly. The light batteries last for several days so we can even set up the lighting the night before.

When did wedding projects begin to overtake your home?

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