Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dance with Me?

I haz no dancing skillz. I'm a lefty with two left feet! Dancing is one of the few things that can turn this confident, outgoing bride into a reluctant wallflower. Confession: I've never really gone dancing. That whole part of young adulthood... I missed the memo. Merengue? Tried it while studying abroad in the Dominican Republic; never took, my hips don't move like that.

Do these diagrams confuse anyone else??

This whole "dancing thing" (because it is now a thing for me) was brought to the forefront quite recently as I watched our newly married friends kicking up their well-choreographed heels at their wedding in Mexico. As the night wore on, Mr. PaC joined the fray with some impromptu and hysterical moves. And where was I? Hiding behind the lens of my camera, capturing everyone else cutting loose.

My dancing fool with a borrowed hat.

There will be dancing at our wedding. I really want to participate without feeling self conscious. Mrs. Taco and Mrs. Octopus's epic dance recaps have inspired me to step outside of my comfort zone and give it a try.

Here's where you guys come in! I know there are dance experts buzzing around our little beehive. Our first dance (Better Together - Jack Johnson) has thrown us another curveball. It has a danceable beat but it's a little fast for a slow dance. How the heck do we (I) dance to this? What dance steps are a good fit for the tempo and style? What would you recommend for someone who has trouble remembering more than 4 dance steps?

I am SO in trouble.

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