Monday, May 23, 2011

Splitting Hairs, Take 2

My hair trial was a few weeks ago. Today's the first chance I've had to review the photos of the two styles we tried. Now that I'm looking at the pictures... uhmmm, I'm not really happy with either one. (Caveat: I'm my own worst critic. Throw in some lovely hormones mixed with under 12 days left until W-Day and you get a stomachful of knots.) The good news is I re-looked at my inspiration images and have isolated what needs to change. The bad news is I no longer trust my own opinion so I need to see it on me to know for sure. What I think would look good on me could be a disaster and there's only the morning of left to figure this out.

Both images via Style Me Pretty / Photo by Bliss Wedding Studio

The first hairstyle we tried was the detailed, interwoven updo (above). Because my gown has so much detail already, we downplayed the amount of detail in the hairstyle. The detail is what I liked about those styles.

It's a pretty style, but not what I wanted.

Instead of feeling sophisticated and bridal, I feel like a misplaced nursery rhyme character with a penchant for yodeling and milking cows. Where's the texture on the top of my head? What's with the A-shape to the bun area? Where's the volume from the front? (Oh, there will be no front pic for comparison. I can't bring myself to post it as this angle bothers me so much.)

Also on an unrelated but hormonal note, I am still reeling from the amount of grey hair that shows up. I know I have grey hair but I had NO idea it was this pronounced. I feel so old. Sad face.

Problem: Missing definition, the lower half of the updo, texture and volume on the top and front.
Solution: Add height and texture to top and sides to create visual interest. (Smile when having picture taken. Color hair after honeymoon.)

Image via Style Me Pretty / Photo by
Leila Brewster Photography/ / Hair by La La Luxe Salon

The second hairstyle we tried was the simple bun. I like this one much better on me.


Problem: A little too severe and formal. Bun is too tight. All of this makes me feel old (see "grey hair" above) and matronly. I don't feel like myself with this style.
Solution: Loosen up bun. Introduce a small amount of texture and volume to crown.

Now I realize how important the wedding day hairstyle is! This hairy beast is not easily tamed. I'm glad I paid extra for a trial (even if the styles need tweaking) because going into the wedding hair-blind is a bad idea. Bad hair, unhappy bride. I have an awful poker face so there would be no hiding it in our photos.

Brides and hair experts: any advice on how to improve these two styles? (Also, am I the only one with virgin hair?)


  1. What did you end up doing?!?!

  2. Neither one. My hair stylist did something new for the wedding. Recaps with photos are still about a month away.