Tuesday, November 20, 2012

PaC Man & Wife: Dance Me to the End of Love

Hi! Welcome to the insanity known as our second dance set! Good thing I embraced the dancing because the crazy was about to kick up a notch.

The glow sticks were a BIG hit. Planning brides take note: guests will want to wear more than one; double the amount you think you'll need. Our guests found inventive ways to wear them...

Necklaces, headbands, armbands, and even drink wraps.
(lower right: guest photo)

There were rumors of a strange tradition on Mr. PaC's mom's side of the family. I had yet to see it in person and wasn't entirely sure what it entailed, but some level of embarrassment was inevitable. What is this tradition I speak of?


Instigators or very enthusiastic participants?

Yes, I know. I was speechless too. Yes, those are dinner napkins. On their heads.

I have no idea where it came from but they've been doing it forever. And since the wedding was my official joining into their family, I had to participate. Thankfully, I had an "out" for wearing it since I was the bride... but I did have to wave it around until the ladies were satisfied.

(guest photo)

I retreated to my husband, tempted to hide behind him until the napkin craziness went away. But it wasn't going anywhere. I was the bride. There was no escaping it.

I shouldn't have been surprised when Mr. PaC joined the dancing. The lights and glow sticks were irresistible.

Or when the ladies encircled him. The napkin dance set off a wave of revelry that spread from person to person until the dance floor was packed. My grandmother? Kicking up her heels with the grandkids. My grandfather had to sit down because his pacemaker kicked in! Mr. PaC's uncle who'd just had knee replacement surgery? Oh, he was pain-free that night! Best of all, we were enjoying ourselves.


DJ Z ended the dance party with Donna Summer's disco anthem "Last Dance." I am not a fan of disco and would have wished to end our wedding night to a song that had meaning to us. I pushed hard for Madeleine Peyroux's version of "Dance Me to the End of Love" - a slow song and decidedly anti-climatic; Mr. PaC said no. But we never specified a last dance song and left it to chance... and I think the literal message of last dance worked well for our guests.

We would not have these great pictures had it been a slow, couples-only song.

When the last dance started, I was caught in the photo booth and squirmed away because, like it or not, this was our last dance song and I'll be damned if I was missing it! I found Mr. PaC, but he was already dancing with someone else. What the hell?!

What the hell, indeed!

A family friend and Mr. PaC were waltzing around the dance floor. They had gotten into a conversation and realized a minute later that they were still dancing. It was one of the more amusing unscripted moments of the wedding. Still, I had to cut in on their tender moment and finish the dance with my new husband.

Spinning in circles.

 One last hurrah!

Singing along... "Come on baby, let's dance toooooonight!"

Ending it with a kiss and double high-five! 

Things really heat up in the next recap! You won't want to miss it, promise.

(all photos by Heather Fowler Photography, unless otherwise noted)

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