Monday, November 5, 2012

PaC Man & Wife: In My Life

Given the post title, you can probably surmise that "In My Life" won out as our father-daughter dance song. Daddy PaC and I have too much fondness for The Beatles to dance to anyone else. Lyrically and sentimentally, "In My Life" made the most sense. Dancing to this song just felt right. Because of my dad's misgivings about the tempo, Mr. PaC and I did a quick demo to show that it needed no choreography, just a general idea of how we'd move. All I had to do was follow Daddy PaC's lead.

A proud Daddy PaC leading me onto the dance floor. 
(My grandmother and two aunts are framed underneath our arms.)

I'd learned a thing or two from the first dance, namely, try not to step back onto my dress. I couldn't get away with doing it twice without falling on my face. Daddy PaC and I did pretty good for just a few minutes of practice. And were able to carry on a conversation while dancing!

When the tempo changed, we did spins. That was my beautifully simple solution. Since we know the song by heart, we anticipated the change and Daddy PaC easily lead me into a new step. For no formal lessons, he did a great job!

(Guest photos: above two photos) 

The heart-melting photo below says it all. Easily in my top three! Get out your hankies, ladies!

Every daughter wants her dad to look at her this way.

We finished our dance with an elegant spin... 

... and gave the dance floor to Mr. PaC and his mom. The mother-son song was Tom Petty's "Wildflowers," chosen by him and approved by his mom. He is a big Petty fan (his birthday surprise a month later was a concert) and the sailing lyrics resonated with both of them.

They chatted and laughed, boy did they ever laugh! His mom has a distinctive and contagious laugh. My best memory of their dance was of her laughing over and over, head thrown back (see below photo).

We have no idea what was so funny. Chalk it up to the joy of the day!

(guest photo)

As the last bits of guitar melody faded, DJ Z invited our guests to storm the dance floor for a high-energy dance set! Those photos are up next!

(all photos by Heather Fowler Photography, unless otherwise noted)

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