Friday, October 12, 2012

PaC Man & Wife: Guys Ready... and Waiting.

The guys had their own suite just down the hall from the girls. Since the guys had neither hair nor makeup to deal with, their morning was relatively free of obligations. Mr. PaC and Co. lounged about, making several appearances in the bridal suite. Mostly these visits were thinly veiled attempts to swipe more of those delicious potato chips. 

Our photography team arrived mid-morning and the second shooter scooted them back into their own suite for some guy time. 

My groom packed two white dress shirts - his idea!

Sailboat cufflinks, borrowed from his father.

Coordinating, but not matching, ties.

Tie-tying with Groomsman J. (Mr. PaC was his best man years ago.)

The brothers working on their tie cleavage.

Final adjustments to the pocket square.

Mr. PaC is a typical man in that he does not particularly enjoy being the focus of a photographer's attention. He didn't have me to pick on, pinch, or pester as a distraction either. You'll notice in the groomsmen shots below, there are four men, but we only had three in the bridal party. Because my dad was hanging out with the guys, he made it into the groomsman shots (which I loved), but Mr. PaC wishes he had some with his dad too.

My dad cutting up in the background.

Doesn't this feel like an album cover? Dad and I jokingly refer to it as "The Beatles" picture.

Secret Service pose.

Each man, true to form.

With the groomsmen photos out of the way, the guys were free to roam the mansion until the other half of the bridal party was ready. Before the girls could meet up with guys, I had to get dressed... and accessorize, pose for bridal portraits, meet my groom for our first look, and pose for bride and groom portraits. All that is coming - soon! But you'll want to hang around because next up are the long-awaited shots of me slipping into my gown!

(all photos by Heather Fowler Photography, unless otherwise noted)

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