Wednesday, October 17, 2012

PaC Man & Wife: Something

The common Victorian phrase "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" never struck a chord with me. I'm not one to follow tradition (no bouquet or garter toss) or do what everyone else is doing (read: tradition) so no action was taken toward procuring these items. Imagine my surprise while gathering recap images at discovering all four categories were covered... with a twist. I guess I'm not so un-traditional after all! 

What's the twist? Mr. PaC and I shared the old/new and borrowed/blue responsibilities! Here's how it broke down.

Old - WWII dog tag from Mr. PaC's grandfather
It travelled with Mr. PaC all day, tucked away into his pocket as a 
loving reminder and calming force when needed. I didn't even know 
he had it with him until after the ceremony!

New - our wedding bands. That's an easy one!

Borrowed - the traveling bee charms!

 (personal photo)

And the ever elusive Blue! While I donned a lacy blue thong (sorry, there will be no pictures of that!), my future husband was surreptitiously imbibing a few belts of Johnnie Walker Blue with his brother. Not for nerves. Just because. Which is only fair considering the ladies were knocking back champagne!
Will you participate in the Something tradition?

(all photos by Heather Fowler Photography, unless otherwise noted)

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