Monday, October 22, 2012

PaC Man & Wife: With My Brother Standing By

I know what a paaaaain it is to scroll through photos of strangers. But between the stunning grounds and the frame-worthy shots, I feel it is my duty as a blogging bee to show you at least some formal photos. It'll be like a band-aid, promise. Real quick-like.

But first, since these photos follow the timeline of the day, you'll see the candids from the girls' photoshoot. It took place hours after the guys' photoshoot so we sandwiched it between the bride and groom portraits and the wedding party/family shots. So this first series is a catch-up from where we left off with the guys!

Frame me!

I was overly concerned with dirtying my dress before its debut so you'll see shots of my sister holding the train or me hiking it up (see previous post) or draped over my arm. Having never worn anything with a train, let alone a white dress, I was unsure how much dirt and grass stains it would pick up. Better safe than sorry. Our photographers managed to make these practical shots look artfully planned. Oh, you ladies are good!

This sassy sideways glance was reserved for Mr. PaC, who was shouting humorous photo suggestions as he filmed us from the terrace.

 The increasingly-popular fake laughing shot. Note: I do not look this elegant/refined when I laugh.

You might notice the wind catching my sash. And while you're looking, maybe you'll pick up on the hazy, grey horizon behind us. Something was abrewin' and the thought of a rained-out ceremony began to cross my mind. 

Even with the spotty cloud cover, the sun had us squinting. I was happy to move under the shade trees in the boxwood garden.

 Love this photo effect.

Spinning around in circles. Me in a heavy white dress, my sister in grass-aerating heels. As my sister said, "Because we do this all the time!" (Check out her awesome calf muscles!)

Formal portraits with the ladies.

Add in the siblings and then a pair of close friends... and you have our wedding party!

 Coming and going (below).

Black and white makes everything look better.


After our bridal party shots, our photographers rounded up our families for what turned out to be quick and painless family portraits.

My parents plus sister.

Just my parents. You can see the family resemblance in both of my parents!

I love this one of just me and my parents.

Awww, they look like a couple of kids in love... after 30+ years of marriage.

This is one of the most important posed photographs, simply because my grandparents are in it. Between Mr. PaC and I, they are our only set of grandparents. I am so blessed that they were healthy and able to attend our wedding. Sadly, my grandfather has passed away since then, but knowing he witnessed our wedding makes my heart swell with love and fond remembrance.

With my family's portraits taken care of, it was Mr. PaC's family's turn.

His brother and parents join us.

Our photographer abruptly stopped mid-shoot. Someone was photobombing us!

The same person who snuck this shot of us in between poses...

Curious, we craned our necks to see who it was...

... Grandma! (I don't think she even knows what a "photobomb" is!) She dutifully ducked out of the photo as we chuckled and resumed the family portraits.

 Mr. PaC with his mom and dad.

The moms laughing (at us) again, just like they did during our rehearsal.

Ever wonder what it feels like just moments before the ceremony? Then you won't want to miss the very next recap!

(all photos by Heather Fowler Photography, unless otherwise noted)

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