Wednesday, February 23, 2011

invitation: save the date - reveal

Without further delay... the final reveal of the Pain au Chocolat save the dates.

Obvs, the names have been changed to protect the soon-to-be-wed

Sunshine yellow in a whimsical font!

We went through a few layout changes before Mr. decided enough was enough! The design was getting better in inches not miles. Mr. P was anxious to get them to our guests. I just needed to pick a design and go with it. So while this wasn't the most awesome STD we could have created, it's what we ended up with. Learning to let go or ahem, loosening my death grip on my quest for perfection.

The post office-savvy among you may have noticed these invites won't be the cheapest thing to mail. They're square. Ish. And what size are they anyway? Well, I'll let you in on a little secret... We never mailed them.

We emailed them! (Saving money? Check!)

Did you do anything unconventional with your STD or invitation suite?


  1. Awesome with the emailing. I was avoiding the whole STD thing but I might reconsider now.

  2. All about saving money. Finding that I'm using my design background not to make things fancier but less complicated (and less stressful). KISS, right?