Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ready, set, EAT!

Tomorrow is our catering tasting. (No eating after midnight tonight.) We're trying to get our ducks in a row ahead of time, thinking of questions to ask our coordinator and other things that will aid in planning.

Boring Questions
1. Are there any costs we might not be aware of that the venue doesn't cover?
Heeding the warning of our recently married friends, we're trying to avoid being walloped by last minute expenses. Mr. P is convinced we haven't budgeted for napkins. (Of all things!)

2. Can we really do a sparkler send-off??!?
I have seen photographic evidence of sparklers at our venue, but our state is a "No fireworks. No sparklers. No fun. No how." state.

Red on a map is never good

3. For rehearsal and set-up, what is the earliest we can gain access? Also are there any events before or after ours that would shorten our install/break-down time?
Hope hope hope we can get in early Friday to begin setting up.

4. Will we need extra lighting to supplement the existing interior lighting?
Sunset will be around 8:30, so we'll only have 1.5 hours of true dark.

1. What is the amount of our cake credit?
This will determine if we stick with our first choice (Hotel duPont) or scale back to bakery #2. Either way, I think a second cake tasting is in order!

2. For the dessert bar, what is typically served? Can we ask for specific desserts and/or supply them?
Given a choice, hand-piped canolis and pistachio macarons top our sweets list. Maybe I'll have to add a little pain au chocolat now??

created by The Cupcake Company, photo from Leanne Stamatellos

3. Location of dessert bar, what does the set-up look like and can we provide containers/trays?
What I'm trying to suss out is how involved I can be without overstepping. Would love to be able to create a simple display like the above lovely.

Alcohol (finally the important questions!):
1. Can we see a list of wine brands/varietals at the standard and premium price points?
We are unapologetically selective about wine. And I want the opportunity to audit our wines. Just thinking about hosting a wedding wine tasting party has me excited!

(personal photo)

2. Can nicer bottles be set aside for the bridal party and wine VIPs?
Yes, we did just go there.

3. A pressing question from the groom: Can we get Svedka instead of Smirnoff/Stoli?
They're the same level and per Mr. P, Svedka is superior. The man is picky about his vodkas. I think it's sexy.

And if our coordinator isn't ready to toss us out the door after all this, we'll trek through the snow to measure the ceremony space and tent.

What did we overlook? Should we ask for a doggie bag for tomorrow's leftovers??


  1. I totally brought up the doggie bag issue (half jokingly). I mean didn't I pay for it?

  2. Maybe I'll take a large tote, line it with plastic wrap and dump the leftovers in there? ;)