Monday, February 21, 2011

Gettin' stuff done

I am amazed how many things we ticked off our looming to-do list this weekend.

1. My dress - It fits. (More or less.) The bodice needs to be taken in, but the length is perfect when I have my Seychelles sandals on. Aaaaand, the blush tone drop earrings picked up last weekend work. They just work. Phew!


2. Mr. P's suit - OMG, a decision has been made! The men will be wearing navy! It took just a half hour at Jos. A Bank with Mr. P and his groomsman to find the male version of The One. Mr. P, his brother/BM, groomsman J and even Mr. P's father have ordered suits.

3. Catering menu - Finalized and sent to our venue coordinator.

4. Favors - Submitted our chocolate wishlist to our favorite chocolatier. Response: whatever we need. Awesome!

5. Cake - We're eating cake again. A second tasting is taking place tomorrow. And the samples are all chocolate! Cannot WAIT!!

6. Centerpieces - Two cases of wine bottles have been sanded down. Only four more cases left. Oof!

7. Invitations - The bane of my existence for the last two months. It got to the point where I couldn't hear the word "invitations" without feeling panicked. That stress is mostly gone. Happy bride! They're 90% designed with minor tweaks left. Ready to audit envelope samples next!

(image credit: Heather, surprise screenprinting cohort)

8. Screenprinting workshop - I've caught the bug! Instead of screenprinting our invitation suite (I'm not that crazy), I've scaled it back to a custom design for our welcome bags.

If this is a sign of how quickly we can make decisions, the crushing weight will have been lifted off my chest. I'm addicted to the feeling of getting things done and want to keep the momentum going.

What have you knocked off your list recently?

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