Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A perfect pair?

I thought once my dress came in, I'd have my jewelry figured out. I mean, the wedding is in four months. That's practically four weeks in wedding-land. But I haven't been slackin' -- I've tried, honest!

Before the dress arrived, I purchased some J. Crew pieces. When we visited Priscilla of Boston to pick up the girls' dresses and I slipped on Wallis with the J. Crew earrings and bracelet, but the metal finish and rectangle shape didn't go.

Ooops. Guess I'll just have to find new pieces! But I wasn't sure where to look for inspiration... until I saw a pair of earrings from my own jewelry box a little differently. Of course, they were too casual but why not look to the rest of my collection for inspiration.

My taste in jewelry trends from bold baubles, like multi-strand pearls the size of gumballs...

and statement cuffs...

to colored stones...

and assorted custom pieces.

Since my gown features dimensional details over every inch, I'm keeping the rest of my look as clean as possible by focusing on one statement piece. No necklace. No bracelet. Just earrings.

Studs are not enough of a statement. Pearls are too demure. Drop earrings will do nicely. Something like these, perhaps?

j crew

etsy - jonquil

etsy - champagne briolette with pearls

wedzu - lucite teardrop

charm & chain - teardrop

But before I could order any of these, I found these lovelies and will try them on with my gown this weekend. Here's to hoping they work!

Does your wedding jewelry reflect your "everyday" style? Did you have trouble finding wedding jewelry?

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