Thursday, February 24, 2011

99 Days

It's coming like a big freight train barreling toward us. Unstoppable. Gaining speed. And it's got all of our wedding guests on board. Oh crap.

(personal photo)

I'm not ready. Not yet! I (mistakenly) thought there would be more time to savor the process, to soak in all the milestones and minutia. It's all going by so quickly. Undone tasks from December and January are carrying over into March. What is this craziness?!

Sure, the P's kicked some To-Do List butt last weekend, but there's still too much to accomplish in the remaining weekends. And we just went over the Magic 8-ball budget again to see what it had to say about our honeymoon funds. Outlook not so good.


I'm ready to trade in this agita for the week-before zen. Really hoping I will be zen. Really, really hoping.

All aboard! Next stop Stressville. Population: 1.5 (Miss Pain au Chocolat and part-time resident Mr. P).

How is your stress level? Have you hit any milestone days and had a similar reaction?

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