Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sugar High: Hello to the Hive!

Eeeeee! Holy crap, hive! I'm buzzing with excitement over bee-coming the newest Bee!

Miss Pain au Chocolat: Eeeee-ing even in 1983

My heart fluttered and stomach flip-flopped when I saw the email from Pengy in my inbox. If I clicked on it, I'd have my answer, one way or the other, that I'd been waiting for. But I couldn't bring myself to open it... With 5 hours left at work, I was in a pickle: rip it open Band-Aid style or wait an excruciatingly long time. Delayed gratification is not my style.

So I called Mr. P. Sneaky boy suggested I forward it to him so he could read it to me. Not so fast, mister. Even in my excited state I caught on to his wily ways. "Fine, I'm doing it. I'm opening the email." Long pause. "Oh, wow... I'm a bee!" Another long pause. "I think I'm in shock. I've got this stupid grin on my face, but aren't I supposed to be jumping up and down, screaming?" Stunned silence is apparently my reaction to good surprises, like the proposal. It's slowly sinking in that I'M A BEE!

Even as I'm writing this, I'm having OMG moments and laughing to myself. Just last night (before I knew), I caught myself wondering what I'd say right now in my intro post and here I am. It's a little surreal. I'm thrilled beyond comprehension (really - it's still sinking in) to join the ranks of so many hysterically funny, crafty and independent Bees. Lucky, incredibly lucky! I've been in a giddy fog all day. Can I confess something really dorky? Inspiring others to fulfill their potential is a big part of who I am. Being a part of this amazing community is giving me a taste of the sisterhood I missed out on in college. For this, I *heart* you guys.

I *heart* Mr. P too.

Ten years ago, I moved to Delaware to complete my graphic design degree in Philadelphia. When the economy tanked after graduation, I went back to my summer job at a real estate office. Mr. P took notice when I joined his office as a new agent -- I was the only female under 40! An after-hours office fashion show really got his attention; I participated in an attempt to get him to notice me. Apparently, that wasn't necessary!

An office reassignment a month later threw a wrench in my plans, but I was determined to stay in touch and found creative ways to make sure he wouldn't forget about me. After some gentle prodding from an office admin, he appeared at my new office one night to grab a post-work coffee. But I can't drink coffee... and agreed to only to have an excuse to spend time with him. The quick coffee catch-up ended hours later after it turned into drinks and sushi. It was only a few dates later that he found out I didn't drink coffee and had never tried sushi before.

We've been inseparable since. (I love sushi and still don't drink coffee.)

Testing out our DIY photobooth on NYE

While of modest means and humble home, we consider ourselves lucky to live the "Life of Riley" thanks our family and friends. His father's sailboat on the Chesapeake is our summer-fall retreat when we're not spending time with his mom at the Delaware beaches. Also thanks to his older brother (a Manhattan chef and events caterer) and extended Italian family, we feast at every family gathering. Each month there is some tradition or event to look forward to. Food and wine are a part of everyday life around here!

I have no words.

Although I was born and raised in West Virginia, I still have all of my teeth and rarely go barefoot! I inherited a love of photography from my dad and always have a camera handy (which explains my old username, photographernico). As a first-born, I've always been "old" for my age. My mom loves to retell the story of a 4 year old Miss P bossing around a group of much older children who were "unwisely" playing in the street. Growing up, I was the studious, artistic, well-behaved one whose sarcastic wit landed her in hot water.

Mr. P as a tot

Mr. P is the quintessential youngest child, full of spontaneity and risk-taking balanced by a level-headed attitude and laser-sharp sense of humor. I have more fun with him than anyone I've ever met. He's the best friend a girl could ask for. I can't believe we get to be buddies for the rest of forever. His youthful enthusiasm keeps me from getting too serious and he's learning to get organized and love to do lists. Deep down, we're both goofy kids who delight in "adventuring" around our home base in the Brandywine Valley.

When the breakfast generation was announced, my heart went right to Pain au Chocolat. Aside from suffering a long, hard to pronounce name (which we share), I love all things chocolate and dessert. And for a girl who grew up calling her French-Canadian grandparents Mémère and Pépère, it is only fitting to continue the tradition! (Shhhh: To get my mister excited about his new moniker, won't you please help me think of some clever nicknames for the newly minted Mr. P! *evil grin*)

We are very excited to share the details and planning for our June nuptials with the hive! Having you with me on this journey means more than you realize. (OMG, I guess this makes it official!)


  1. thought/hoped this post might be coming! congrats ;) xo prairiedog

  2. I am beyond excited and everyone's support means so much! If I hop up and down on the couch one more time, I think Brian might duct tape me in place.

  3. Congrats!!!!

    Don't forget about the rest of us in blog world though! So many times bloggers that I love become bees and disappear!

  4. Yay! I'm so glad to "know" a blogger who's become a bee! CONGRATS!
    -Miss Puppy Love

  5. Hooray! Welcome to the hive, Miss P, I'm so excited for you!
    aka miss ostrich

  6. Laura: I wouldn't dare disappear! It's the community that makes this whole blogging thing worthwhile.
    Rachel: Wait... you know someone who's a bee? Oh crap, you're talking about me. Still in shock - can you tell?
    Miss D, emery & sylvie: thank you! :)

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  8. Congratulations, newbee! :D A fellow June Bee!

    Miss Jaguar

  9. Congrats!! Welcome to the "Breakfast Club!" What about PACman? You know, P.ain A.u C.hocolat? I guess I should also welcome you to the world of my terrible puns...

  10. KayMeiBee: I don't mind your puns at all! PAC man was the first thing I thought of and think Breakfast Club is rather clever.