Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What is your name? What is your quest?

What are your wedding colors? You have to know these things when you're a bride, you know.

We waited to nail down our wedding colors until I started work on the invitation suite. Now that I've (finally) started work on that, we got our color palette!


- Green would have been our first choice, but as there will be abundance of it (grass, shrubs, trees) at our outdoor wedding, it will play a supporting role in the decor. Remember the wine bottle centerpieces we're working on?
- Yellow was an obvious choice - it's the bridesmaid gown color and our florist is using several yellow flowers (craspedia, protea, ranunculas).
- Pinky-coral (punch) warms up the palette and gives it a girly kick in the pants. It will make an appearance in day-of details, flowers (dahlia & hypericum) and one of the smaller pieces in the invitation suite.
- Lastly, a robin's egg blue for balance and any remaining details.

This should look familiar - from the lighting post, perhaps? source

Emerson Made

Cheree Berry Paper


Crossing this easy item off our to-do list has taken a weight off my shoulders. Now we can move forward in confidence and keep me narrowed down and reined in. You heard that right, Mr. P! I'm ready to make decor decisions.

When did you decide on your color palette?

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