Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cake for dinner?!

If you wrecked your diet after the last cake posts, I'm sorry. Perhaps you should look away... because more cake is on the way! (The answer to the above question is a resounding yes, btw.)

You've seen this bag before so you know what's coming!

We loved the Hotel duPont cake samples, especially the hazelnut pound and apricot filling! And we're confident they can make the cake of our dreams. So why haven't we ordered our cake already? Well, since our last tasting we decided the cake needs more than one flavor and asked to try a couple more combinations.

Missing out on the chocolate flavors was really eating away at me, so we asked for samples of:
- Chocolate Ganache (bottom left) & Grand Marnier Pound cake
- Swiss Chocolate Cream filling & Swiss Chocolate cake
- Raspberry filling (top left) & Marble cake

Popping the container open, the room filled with the distinct smell of CAAAAAAAAKE! Nom nom nom nom. Grand Marnier pound (lower left), Swiss Chocolate combo (top left) and marble (right, obviously) vied for our fork's attention.

Chocolate Swiss filling and cake with buttercream frosting and finished in fondant. This isn't typical thick, chewy, flavorless fondant. But we're still not wild about it. Good news is that it's easy to peel off if our guests want to pass and cut straight to the icing.

I could have inhaled the sweet perfume of the chocolate ganache all night. Oh. My. Goodness. I think my heart had palpitations from the aroma alone.

Diving into the raspberry (hohohoooooo omg, so zingy) and Grand Marnier - perfection.

Velvety smooth and oh-so-rich ganache and marble pound - another great pairing.

Coming up for air, we realized we had a dilemma. A good dilemma. We now had TWO awesome flavors to decide between: raspberry/Grand Marnier and ganache/marble. But wait! Isn't our baker using at least three tiers? Oh, yes! Decision made. Each of our favorites will get its own tier. Yum!

Now we just have to decide on a design!

Which slice of cake would you grab first? Does your cake have different flavors too?

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