Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rumination on Illumination

My co-workers are starting to wonder why so many boxes have been arriving for me in the last week. It's not Christmastime. And it's not my birthday. This can only mean one thing... our DIY supplies are trickling in!

Behold, a box.

Our paper lanterns are here! To qualify for free shipping, I padded the order with some white fans to keep our guests cool in the June heat. (If it's anything like last June, we are in trouble. And I thought my cousin could reuse them for her August wedding.) When I lifted up the fans, yikes! Lime green lanterns??

We ordered white, yellow and light yellow lanterns. One these things is not like the other one... A quick call to customer service had it all straightened out; oh, and the green lanterns are ours to keep!

Mr. P rigged up a quick visual so we could see the different colors and sizes together. Shown below are the 16" yellow, 12" light yellow and 20" white lanterns.

The colors work well together. For the wedding, we'll use something less visually intrusive than the twine we had laying around.

A close-up of Mr. P's LED and coin cell battery lighting set-up. It gave us 4 days of full brightness with the 3 LEDs hooked to it. Mr. P wants to order more LEDs with a higher mcd rating (the ones we have are 15,000 mcd) for increased brightness. (Mrs. Tiramisu noted hers lasted a week in her test run.) Mr. P is trying to minimize the number of batteries (@ 34 cents apiece) we'll need while still getting at least 2 days out of them.

A very blurry picture of Miss PAC demonstrating a 16" yellow (our most opaque color) lit by 3 LEDs. All but the largest lantern are well lit with 3 LEDs.

Another gratuitous lantern pic.

We rounded out the order with 5 of these little LED candle lights figuring we'd use them for non-wedding functions. However, Mr. P liked them for the lanterns. With bulk rate pricing of 79 cents, these little candles are cheaper than our 3 LED/battery rig and a good bit brighter. The only downside is they have a distinct orange directional glow. The cool part is they flicker! However, the flickering reminds me of a haunted house. Sticking with the LEDs.

What ways are you lighting up your wedding?

(Thanks to Mr. P for suggesting the post title!)
(All personal photos)

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