Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Light Up the Night

Let me tell you a little known secret about Mr. PAC. Back in the day, he and his friends may have attended large urban dance parties where there may have been a few glow sticks. So as a nod to his footloose and fancy-free days, I thought it'd be a hoot to bring out the glow sticks one more time for our reception.


R. Fritz Photography via source



And if the glow sticks make their way into the photobooth, all the better. I like the idea of giving our guests a prop, especially if it encourages them to dance. For our grand exit at the end of the night, why not glow sticks! (Has anyone thought to combine glow sticks and flags??)

I was all set to purchase glow sticks when I heard a rumor, substantiated by photos, and finally confirmed by our venue that we can use sparklers. OMG, did you hear that?! The Pain au Chocolat wedding has been approved for sparklers!


Cue shocked, happy face.


Sparklers and glow sticks?! I think I might pop out of sheer joy. So now I'm on the hunt for both and looking to the hive for great recommendations on bargain sources!

Does your venue allow sparklers? If not, what are you doing for a send-off?


  1. For your big exit what kind of glow sticks did you use? They look longer than normal ones and bendable. We are not allowed to use sparklers.

    1. I think those are glow necklaces in the photo. Our venue allowed sparklers so that's what we did for our exit. Glow necklaces were very popular on our dance floor and photobooth!