Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Arts and Crap... erhm, Crafts

I can't believe I'm contemplating screen printing as a DIY. Mr. P tried to convince me not do screen print our invites. I agreed, only after pricing out the materials and considering the logistics. (What? Just because Mr. P says so doesn't mean I always listen. I can be stubborn.)

Still, I really want to screen print something. Before I added on another DIY project, I felt it was a good idea to actually try it first! And so I found myself at Terrain @ Styer's one Sunday in February, enrolled in a screen printing class and ready to make something.

Local (by way of Argentina) screen printer Celina Mancurti began class with a demo. She brought some of her own screens. We did not have time to make our own; this was not a 2-day class.

With the tea towel smoothed out against the sticky (spray adhesive) table, she set her screen down for the ink application.

Demonstrating the squeegee technique on another towel. I was diligently taking notes and snapping pictures, but anxious to get started.

And then they turned us loose - a test print on muslin with yellow (!) ink.

Materials were in short supply so while waiting for a clean squeegee and screen, I had played with a dowel. Now I want a pomegranate.

Two hours flew by; time was running out and I still had two towels to go. Here's one of the rush-printed towels at the end of class.

(photo credit: Heather H.)

Why, look! Someone was kind enough to snap a picture of Miss PaC in action, blotting the ink after the hairdryers blew the circuit for a third time.

(photo credit: Heather H.)

Oh, someone is taking a picture?! *Cheeeese*

Now that I've got some screen printing practice under my belt, it's just enough knowledge to be dangerous. That is, to assume tacking on another DIY project with less than 99 days to go is completely sane. I should know better. You've read about the other bees' experiences with the at-home screen printers... evil machines that are the bane of many bride's existence. Somebody stop me!

Did you take any classes so you could pick up tips and tricks for DIY projects? Any brave bees with non-Yudu/Gocco screen printing advice to share?

(all personal photos unless otherwise noted)

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