Saturday, March 5, 2011

Completely enveloped

Our invitation suite is 90% done. Aside from assembling, weighing and purchasing postage, the only things that remain are sending the print job to the printer and selecting an envelope. (That sounds like way more after I typed it out.) The envelope samples I ordered arrived yesterday so we are one step closer.

We like yellow/gold for the outer envelopes but ordered some additional colors in our palette just to make the decision more difficult.

Meadow green, Tiffany blue, and lemon yellow from Paper and More are all fun, saturated colors and a medium paper weight that feels neither too thick (driving up postage) or flimsy. Mr. P liked the green the least and the blue isn't a true match to our palette. Still, it's nice to have options other than yellow.

Here is the lemon yellow (far left) against "Sunflower" from and two envelopes (Basis "Gold" and "Galaxy Gold") from Envelopes Express. The middle two are practically the same color and paper weight (70#); the only difference is one is an A9 (5.75" x 8.75") and the other is A10 (6" x 9.5"). Neither of us are a fan of “Galaxy Gold” as it's too thin and veers a little closely to school bus yellow.

The only other consideration, albeit minor, is the flap. Our preference is for the A9 (left) as it is slightly more tapered.

The paper suite I designed uses golden yellow, meadow green, robin's egg blue and a punchy pink. I know you haven't seen our invitations yet, so it's hard to weigh in. Rather than ordering the envelopes first and tweaking our invite colors to match, I'll wait for a proof from our printer and choose the yellow envelope that's the closest match.

Oh, FYI for all the brides looking for the little ways to save money: offers free shipping and samples; has $1 samples and free shipping. was the most expensive overall, charging 50 cents/sample and $1 shipping. I think being able to examine the samples is worth the nominal fee.

Which is your favorite color? Does your invitation suite feature a bold envelope?

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