Sunday, March 20, 2011

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Hive, have you ever decided you just had to have something for the wedding? I'm raising my hand here because I sure did. The item in question? A custom return address stamp. It all started when I stumbled across a custom stamp in Martha Stewart Weddings. I was smitten! But we were nowhere near ready to start on invitations, so I bookmarked it to revisit later.


Months later, our invitation suite was complete. I pulled up that old bookmark to show Mr. PaC. The cost made me pause. Sure, I liked the stamps but did I like them that much? So I did what any bride on a budget would do. I shopped around. Specifically for a stamp with fresh, whimsical calligraphy that we could reuse after the wedding.

NoteTrunk - "Fairfax"

Perch Papier

Emililies - "Small Square"

Emililies - "Rose"

Emililies - "Holly"

Emililies - "Heart"

Mr. P felt many of them were too fussy or too girly. Indulging his request to tone down the flourishes and make it legible (for the post office), I rounded up:

Chatty Press - "Ampersand"

Mr. P loooooves ampersands on invites. Why not on our return address?

ForYoo - "a1009"

NoteTrunk - "Organic Round"

Whimsical but decidedly not calligraphy. None of these were it either.

NoteTrunk - "Flag Banner"

In my desire for whimsy and his request for restrained femininity, we found the perfect compromise between the two styles...

Trial by Cupcakes - "Anna"

I sent a custom request asking for the entire stamp to be created in the "Anna" script. Two weeks later, a package arrived at my office.

A blue box wrapped in red twine!

Eeeee, our stamp!

It pains me to blur out the lovely details.

Our stamp in action:

The little stamp will see repeated use on our envelopes, RSVPs, thank you cards and future newlywed correspondence.

How are you marking your return address on your invitations?

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