Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10 Weeks!

I had no idea how close the wedding was until now. Yes, I knew we were under three months but I never thought to translate that to weeks... as in "How many weekends remain for planning and projects?" Holyyyy crap. Nine weekends between now and the wedding. (And one of those weeks/weekends is already gone as we'll be in Mexico for a wedding. Make that eight weekends.)

Mr. PaC understands it's crunch time. With his help, we hope to cross off a few big-ticket items in the next week:

- review the ceremony text and send revisions to our officiant
- create 4 separate playlists (ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dancing) for our DJ
- schedule dress fitting
- figure out the undergarment situation
- schedule hair trial (which means I need to get your opinions on hairstyles soon!)
- receive confirmation the cake flavors and design are doable

Looming on the horizon:
- photobooth construction and backdrop
- guestbook, which of course can't be a simple blank book!
- gifts for girls, guys and my groom
- gifts for the parents and event hostesses
- out of town (OOT) bags, if it's in the budget
- paper materials for our OOT guests like an area map and timeline for the weekend

Whew! There are a million little details still to manage but I can only focus on the impending big tasks. Hive, can you promise to keep me on task and hold me accountable for getting these things done?

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  1. You're SO close! :) The best advice I can give you is to try to finish as many of these projects as soon as you can! Try not to leave things until the last minute.