Thursday, March 24, 2011

Going Postal

Our invitation suite was created with money-saving features in mind. One of those features is using postcards for both the wedding and rehearsal dinner RSVPs. Did you know it's cheaper to mail a 4x6 postcard (28 cents) than a first-class letter (44 cents)? That saves us 16 cents on every mailed piece, or about $16. Yes, I'd like to save money. Please!

Herbs - the new 29 cent stamp

Knowing that a rate increase is coming smack-dab in the middle of our RSVP return period, we planned to purchase the new 29 cent stamps. The last thing I need is all of the RSVPs marked insufficient postage and returned to sender. However, the stamps do not go on sale until April 7th, about two weeks after I wanted to mail the invitations.

Obviously, we had a decision to make.
Option 1: Wait to mail invitations until 4/7/11 when 29 cent stamp is released.
Option 2: Piece together a hodgepodge of stamps to get exact postage and mail now.

Polar Bear & Navajo Necklace
The aforementioned hodgepodge. The only coordinating
thing about these two stamps is the color.

Our post office has a sense of humor. Once they found out we were mailing our wedding invitations, the ribbing began.

Postal worker: If you want to mail it now, you can use the polar bear and a 1 cent stamp.
Miss PaC: No thanks. The polar bear doesn't exactly say "wedding!"
Postal worker: What, you don't like the polar bear? What's wrong with the polar bear??
Miss PaC: Nope. It doesn't go with the turquoise necklace.
Postal worker (to Mr. PaC): She didn't give you much of a choice, did she? No hesitation at all.

Because we too have a sense of humor...

American Clock

... these stamps are going on our RSVPs. Why? Because they're clocks. And it's a (not so) subtle hint to return those puppies asap. I'm curious if any of our guests will spot the joke.

Time's a tickin'

What type of postage will your invites have: custom stamps, a hodgepodge or some other equally amusing alternative?

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