Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Excited squeaks from the peanut gallery

Excited phone calls and text messages started trickling in just a day after our invitations were mailed. The first RSVPs were just a day behind. Man, our local post office moves fast!

Mr. P emailed me this photo with the subject line: It has begun!

You thought of everything but the return envelope. (Turn the card over.) Oooooooh! *laughter* It's a postcard! - FMIL

Love the colors. Love the striped card! And the "ridiculous amounts of joy" -- I can't wait! - Mom

Her mother got such a kick out of her invitation, she's taking it to the dining hall to show her friends. - FFIL

Your invitations are wonderful and couldn't go by without comment. The design and coloration produced such a wonderful style I couldn't help but smile as a result. I noticed your stamp choice as well. - an aunt

Mail call!

And invite-love from our friends:

Love love love the invites!! Love the colors, the designs, the words!! Just think about the "ridiculous amounts of joy" that you will have... that made me emotional :) I'm so sappy!

"And guest?" Am I that unpredictable? ;) Fun invitations! I like them.

When I saw the yellow envelope, I got really excited! The wedding invitation!!

One of our guests felt compelled to express their
enthusiasm with smiley stickers!

The positive reaction from our guests makes all the hard work so worthwhile! Their excitement is contagious and I find my enthusiasm renewed with each new RSVP. It's difficult to sustain a high level of excitement over the course of a 19 month engagement, but I'm getting back into it as we approach the 2 month mark.

What motivates you to keep going through the endless list of to-do's?

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  1. Love your RSVP cards! They are so lovely :) We are still designing our invites, majorly lagging behind...