Monday, April 4, 2011

Escort me to Obsession-ville

OMG, someone restrain me! Take away my credit card or freeze it in a block of ice.

Image via MKwonderland / movie still from Confessions of a Shopaholic

I've just added $60 of washi tape/happy tape to my etsy cart and cannot stop. It's a rush hunting down the rolls in my color palette. Bright yellows, pretty blues and greens, punchy pinks... Thinking of all the lovely color combinations and future non-wedding uses has me giddy with excitement.

Images (sorbet colors and stripe dot grid) via PrettyTape

The only thing stopping me from proceeding to check out is explaining to Mr. PaC:
1) Why I ordered... tape
2) What the heck is washi tape
3) Why can't we just use plain tape (see also: Why do I have to add a layer of complexity to everything)
4) Why we need it for the wedding


Image via HappyTape
Cake flags so cute I can barely stand it.

How could my future husband say no?

My erratic thought process started with escort cards. We need escort cards that designate each guest's meal choice. When it's done in a pretty way, like a ribbon or a brad, I swoon.

image of brads via etsy seller: whytestuffs

But ribbon would need to be sewn (or glued) onto the escort card. I don't have access to a sewing machine; gluing would take waaaaay too long and possibly bleed through the ribbon. Someone more clever than me stapled hers:

Ribbon escort cards from our very own Mrs. Lace

Mr PaC wants to use the multitudes of wine corks that I saved for no good reason - until now. As escort card holders, they pair perfectly with our wine bottle centerpieces. I like the wine corks but we still needed paper (preferably pre-cut) for the cards.

Image via Staples

And while browsing office supplies, these bright yellow tags jumped out at me: $4 for 100! Mr. PaC wants to use the corks. But then I can't use my hang tags on a display board... and I still hadn't figured out how to designate meal choices in an aesthetically pleasing way. What would Anthropologie do?

Wanting color, whimsy, AND inexpensive, I abandoned the idea for a few days. Until!!! I stumbled upon a 100 Layer Cake post where I ended up face-to-computer screen with my escort card destiny: hang tags with washi tape. And now you're caught up to the present hour where my brain is whirring with possibilities.

Image via 100 Layer Cake/ Sourced from the haystack needle / Original idea sourced from Sweet Bella

To indicate meal choices, I'm thinking of pink/red (beef), greens (vegetarian) and blues (fish). Which, coincidentally, is our color palette. Considering it's just tape, my current level of excitement may be a little over the top. Eh, who cares! I love tape!

Which colors of washi tape would you choose?! What silly things have you fallen in love with... only to have your proclamation of love fall on wedding-deaf ears?


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Etsy shop with the brads. She totally had the eyelets I needed for more programs!

  2. It took me a few days to decide, but I did it. I ordered my washi tape! Here's to hoping it clears customs and arrives before the wedding.

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