Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ties for the Guys

What is it about men that allows an otherwise PITA chore to be so effortless?

Case in point: On a errand-filled Saturday, I suggested we pop into Macy's to just browse through the ties. And half an hour later, Mr. PaC had found not only his tie, but coordinating ties for his groomsmen!

From left: Ties for Mr. PaC, best man/brother M, and groomsman J

I couldn't believe it! I had spent countless hours online in search of preppy, spring-colored ties but to no avail. My funk was short-lived after realizing we had crossed one more thing off our gigantic to-do list. With all of his spare time, I think I'll ask Mr. PaC to tackle something big... like the playlists.

all Tommy Hilfiger ties - $27/ea (no sales tax - yay Delaware!)

Does your man make quick work of shopping or is it more of a drawn-out ordeal?

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