Thursday, April 28, 2011

That's Logistics

Before our last meeting at Greenville Country Club, we had a list of burning questions. Yesterday we met again with our venue coordinator to square away those pesky 30-day-out details and put out the embers of those aforementioned questions. So what did we figure out?

1. Yes! to a sparkler send-off!!! Now we have to decide how to fit a sparkler send-off into the evening without disrupting the flow. The common sense approach (suggested by Linda) is to round everyone up at the very end of the night. That way they're already set to go, outside and waiting for the shuttles. Two birds, one stone! (This scenario leaves us without a photographed send-off or extending the photographers' stay by 1.5 hours.)

Mr. PaC measuring for lantern height on the terrace

2. We can set up anytime Friday (rehearsal day) before 11am or between 2-5pm. We'll be at the venue between 3-4pm on Friday to rehearse anyway. So far, there are no confirmed events the day before to limit our access. Obviously, setting up the day before is ideal but if there is an event, we still have the morning of the wedding and an army of wedding helpers (friends with ladders) to assist where needed.

3. No extra lighting is needed - inside or outside. Our paper lanterns will cast a lovely warm glow onto the dining area. Nice to know we don't have to rely solely on our little LEDs to light up the terrace. The only lighting we may add on is uplighting for the dance floor.

1. Hotel du Pont's pastry department has confirmed our cake design and flavors. I'm collecting mailing addresses for those of you who want the extra slices. ;)

2. Dessert bar shall include creme brulee, lemon squares (!), petit fours, cookies, chocolate dipped strawberries, cheesecake bite drizzled with chocolate... and our wedding cake. All three tasty tiers of it!

via 100 Layer Cake / Photography: Red Gallery Photography / Banner DIY'ed by bride and her mom

3. The sweets will be located in the sunporch along with one of the two bars. At 30 days out, I'm not really feeling the need to style the dessert bar. It's going to be decimated 10 seconds after the guests find it, right? But if I did find the time and motivation, it would probably be a sweet, simple banner like the one above.

4. Signature drink approved: the Orange Crush!

That's a lot of oranges!

5. And we can set aside nicer bottles of wine for the bridal party/VIPs. Mr. PaC would like a tawny port for dessert while I have my heart set on a Sauternes. Salivating just thinking about it!

We don't mess around: a sample of the wines from the
most recent sailing/gourmet dinner

What details are you currently wrangling? Any advice for brides with a month left until the big day?

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