Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dress fitting results

Do you remember the great bustle debate? On our last visit to the bridal salon, the consultant demonstrated two bustle options: American and French. Bridesmaid R and I were pretty much sold on the French style. When I asked the hive, you guys responded with an emphatic "American!" Even your words of wisdom and combined years of experience weren't enough to move me from my stubborn French position.

American! No, French! The Great Bustle Battle waged war in my brain for weeks.
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And then we had the first fitting. Everything changed. The French bustle laid like a fat roll against my leg, emphasizing my hips and butt. The dress-maker did have it pinned into a larger, higher bustle but that wasn't it. BM R pointed out how this bustle swallowed a lot of the detail and broke up the line of the dress. How did we not notice this before?? So the dress-maker pinned it into an American bustle.

Hive, you were right. So, so right. You were objective when I couldn't be. Looking in the mirror, both BM R and I recognized the American bustle was the clear winner.

The dress may look light and fluffy but she has surprising heft, especially in her lower third. Our only concern was the American bustle's single point of attachment would snap under the weight. The dress-maker waved that worry away like gnat -- of course, she'd use more than one anchor point! Silly girls.

Aside from a bustle, it'll need to be taken in around the waist and hips. The dress's weight hangs comfortably from my hips but it'll inch down throughout the night. At the next fitting, I'll have to ask about bra cups. I prefer not to buy a specialty piece of lingerie (see exposed strapless bra band above) if I can help it.

BM R zipped into her gown for the first time since picking it up in December. She was relieved to see it needs to be taken in. The bodice looks great, even with the extra inches, and we're excited about the sunshine yellow gowns all over again.

Fun side note: the fitting took place at the dress-maker's home in her (clean) mudroom. Normally, this would alarm me but this lady is a legend. BM R has used her exclusively for years, recommended many friends to her and told me she sewed and hand-beaded her daughter's wedding dress. Next year, her son marries and she is making the bridal gown AND bridesmaid dresses. Wow. And BM R assures me she is shockingly inexpensive.

With a successful first fitting under our belt, we topped off the night with a few beers...

... at Iron Hill Brewery, future home of our rehearsal dinner. I present the sampler: 8 4-ounce glasses of 6 house and 2 seasonal beers. Yummy! It was fun to branch out into different styles and sample the seasonal releases while claiming it was "research" for what we might want to drink at the rehearsal.

How did your first fitting go?


  1. My dress is similar to yours and my bustle DID snap off due to the weight and we had three "bustle" points. It broke THREE TIMES. Make sure to bring safety pins just in case!

  2. Thank you!! Very good to know, fellow rosette bride. :)