Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dress fitting tomorrow

Tomorrow is my first dress fitting! What I'm feeling tonight is a mix of excitement and hesitation. Excited, of course, because it's my dress. (We're getting close, hive!) Hesitant because of the what if's. Off the rack, the dress fits... in the loosest definition of the word. Taking it in at the waist and bust will surely help but will it create the desired curves?

Undergarments, oh my. They're something I'd like to avoid, if at all possible. June will be hot and sticky. Does the bride have to be hot and sticky too? Less layers, happier me.

And then there's the bustle. Going into the fitting, I haven't entirely decided which style it will be... I'll have my listening ears on as the dress-maker makes her recommendations. Ever helpful Bridesmaid R is making the introduction (thank you!) and will snap photos so I can show you guys.

Wish me luck!

Any insights or recommendations for a bride the night before her first fitting?

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  1. The biggest piece of advice I have is KNOW your dress isn't going to fit right after the first fitting. It's a process to make it first perfectly and you're just now at the start of it :) Good luck!