Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Say What?

When looking for readings for our ceremony, we thought about borrowing a page from well-loved books from our childhood. Mr. PaC found two semi-suitable Shel Silverstein poems but I nixed them since they felt more appropriate for a graduation speech or anniversary toast ("Listen to the Mustn'ts" and "The Folks Inside," respectively).

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Then a light came on in Mr. PaC's attic, er, brain. "What about The Missing Piece?!" Mr. Sweet Stuff was excited by what he remembered of the story. Fast forward 10 minutes later as he resignedly tells me the story isn't quite how he remembered it. As in, it doesn't work out well for the missing piece or mostly-circle. The mostly-circle tries ALL sorts of different pieces (isn't that what college is for?) and when it finds the perfect piece, things goes fine for awhile but it doesn't work out and the piece is unceremoniously ejected. And the search for a new piece resumes. Oh. Not quite the message we wanted to impart during our ceremony.

You could liken his quest for a reading to the mostly-circle's own search. Lots of interesting readings, but none wedding-worthy. Somehow the seriousness of the search had devolved to where he was entertaining lyrics from "Sweet Child o' Mine". Cue blank, unblinking stare. But the best part? Our reader jokingly agreed to it under one circumstance: only if he can rock an air guitar.

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(Yes, there truly is such a thing. Not a spoof!)

Mom, Dad... other guests, don't fret. We are not using a hair metal song for our reading! While we are not going the traditional route, Mr. PaC's final choice is meaningful and appropriate. And you'll have to wait until the ceremony to hear it.

I Like You Poster via TwoCardinalDay

What about my reading? I've always been fond of I Like You, and didn't abandonwagon it, which says something for how strongly I feel about it. For me, it's just the right mood for our playful souls. I don't mind that it's overdone. It suits us, and no one else... not even engaged friends and family, is immersed in wedding culture as deeply as this blogging bride.

If you're incorporating a reading into your ceremony, what style will it be? Does it hold a special significance to you?

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