Friday, April 22, 2011

From Japan with Love

I love getting things in the mail. Do you remember how ridiculously excited I got over washi tape? Nothing could top that... except for receiving washi tape in the mail!

I chose to order my washi tape from an etsy seller in Japan. UGUiSU had the colors I needed at a great price AND I wanted to show support for the Japanese people, even if it was in a small way.

Sealed with washi tape!

Oh, oh! What's inside?

My very own set of pastel rolls!

Here are the colors we're thinking of using to indicate the three meal choices sitting on top of the paper stock we'll use for the escort cards. The washi tape is not fully opaque so layering will create additional colors within the grouping. We're hoping this is an aesthetically pleasing way to help the caterer serve the correct meal to our guests.

Color combo for "filet of beef"

Color combo for "coulibiac of salmon"

Color combo for "spinach gnocchi" (vegetarian entree)

Hive, do you have any creative ideas for how we should arrange the washi tape on the card (stripes, plaid, criss-cross)? Should I do a demo and put it to a vote?

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