Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And the skies clear...

All morning long, it rained and I anxiously watched the clock. Once noon rolled around, we had a decision to make. Would the rain hold off for our Brandywine Creek State Park shoot? Or would we be forced to reschedule if none of the Plan B's panned out?

Just as I was ready to leave the office for the make-up appointment, my phone rang. It was Mr. P. And he had good news. Really good news. I squealed (quietly) and left in an excited flurry with a stupid grin on my face. The rain didn't stop. In fact, it poured on the hour drive to and from the make-up appointment. But it didn't matter - I was so thrilled it was all working out.

(I heart this shot.)

My car practically came to a screeching halt outside the house with 10 minutes to spare. After a quick change of clothes, inhaling some nachos and maybe half a Captain 'n Ginger, we grabbed the props and rain gear and were out the door.

The storm clouds were blowing east. The rain lightened to a spritz. Looking through the sunroof, I spied blue sky and puffy clouds. But would it hold?

Yes. Did it ever. There were even reports of double rainbows via Facebook friends. Heather was thrilled with the change in weather and we took full advantage of it. After the first round of photos, I was at ease. Mr. P has trouble smiling on command so I kept craning my neck to see how he was doing. (These photos probably won't be winners.) Heather did a great job of directing us, making us laugh and scouting the best spots.

Our photos will be ready mid-November and I'm super-psyched. I know they'll be good, but just not sure what level of awesomeness they'll be! Where did we go? Ah, patience grasshopper. All will be revealed soon enough!

countdown begins

How did you select your engagement shoot location? Did you feel comfortable right away or did it take some warming up?

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