Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meet and Greenville

Family visit to our venue! I scheduled a summertime scoping-out session so Mom, Dad and Sister L could see our lovely venue in person.


Grand foyer and ornate brass chandelier

We toured the grounds with our coordinator as she pointed out the areas for prep, cocktails, ceremony and dinner/dancing.

The steps where we'll say I do

L was quiet but took a lot of photos, which generally means she is impressed. (A welcome relief after the dress disaster the day before.) Mom and Dad loved it - perfect. Phew!

L (makin' faces) and Dad checking out the garden.

Mr. P and I are happier having seen the venue filled with blooming shrubs and flowers. The garden will be absolutely beautiful next year and will require few floral decorations. The more I see of the GCC, the more confident I am in our decision.

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