Monday, October 25, 2010

Cheap, even with other people's money

We (read: mostly me) began brainstorming for our registry in early 2010. Thinking with the registry in mind, we paid attention to what kitchen items received heavy or little use. Our nicked paring knife that's always dirty? Put two new ones on the list. The rattling, sucky (in a bad way) vacuum cleaner on its last leg, thread bare sheet set, torn guest comforter, hand-me-down flatware and Teflon pan losing its coating - all gone.

Sad, sad knife

They still make it? (source)

Emphasizing that we are not being greedy, I've been able to convince Mr. P that broken, worn-out or less durable items are all acceptable to replace/upgrade. We're planning a lifetime together and our stuff should stick around for at least half that time. He laughs that even when he isn't buying, he's cheap. The months of careful cultivation and detailed research will hopefully yield a solid housekeeping foundation.

I set an arbitrary deadline of June to start the registry process, if only to get laid-back Mr. P more involved and tackle a time-consuming project while whittling down our to-do list when it's not hectic. (Family visits, holidays and festivals ate up every bit of our spare time last fall/winter. Oh, and how could I have forgotten the home improvement projects: gut and remodel of our bathroom, installation of hardwood floors and drywalling/repainting the upstairs hallway. So we've been busy bees.) Well, I got antsy and started the most innocuous registry first. It was late so the only option was online and I ran into a major roadblock. I could not find one item to add. Everything needed a visual hands-on inspection or online research! In the end, one item could have been added, but I just couldn't make sandstone coasters our first registry item!


Did you register online before creating an in-store registry?

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  1. we went to BB&B and that was the best bet, because we could get ALL the things on there that were available at macy's for 1) cheaper for the same exact items and 2) people get those 20% off coupons all the time so we wanted to give them an opp to save even more $. i hear ya!