Friday, October 1, 2010

Engagement shoot - inspiration

I'm not one to go into things blindly. I like to research. Given the opportunity, I over-research. So when I came time to brainstorm our fall engagement shoot, I turned to other wedding bloggers' engagement shoots as a frame of reference. No need to reinvent the wheel when other (smarter, more creative) women have been through it already!

The Wedding Bee engagement session wiki is chock full of helpful posts. There's lots of beautifully styled shoots with a similar location or look that we're going for. Some of my favorite engagement shoots:

Mrs. Dolphin - Pure Photography

Mrs. French Fry - MThreeStudio

Mrs. Jellyfish - Cliff Brunk

Mrs. Plaid - Nathan Russell Photography

Mrs. Socks - Georgi Anastov

Mrs. Thimble - Lorraine Daley

Then there's girly, dressy fun contrasting with the natural location which makes for such happy pictures. And this casual farm shoot with great framing (and no props!).

Can you see a pattern developing?

What ideas inspired your engagement/love photo session?

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