Thursday, October 7, 2010

Easiest bridesmaid shopping trip ever!

Not content with visiting just one bridal store, BM R and I spent the rest of the day (about 8 hours - we're hardcore!) shopping in Suburban Square in Ardmore. We found new stores and old favorites with good deals. We stumbled upon a Priscilla of Boston store and had to scope out the gowns. It is a mere two blocks from the salon where we started the day -- I had no clue it was nearby, as I uncharacteristically did not research the area ahead of time!


We didn't have an appointment but the salon let us wander. The store was divided up by the labels so browsing was easy. My favorite racks were Vineyard, Reverie and many from the whimsical and romantic Melissa Sweet collection. The in-store visit helped narrow down the list of Maybe Gowns simply by feeling the fabric weight and examining the details. There were many dresses worth returning for so I set up an appointment to return in two weeks. The idea of trying on some of my absolute favorite gowns at such a legendary store was beyond exciting!


Downstairs houses the bridesmaid, special occasion, and sale racks. I encouraged BM R to try on bridesmaid gowns and we found some bridesmaid dress contenders to consider (at a lovely price point) once I finally pick a gown. R loved the waist-nipping fit of 1515 (top row, middle) that is better suited to a gal with curves (NOT the model) while I loved the movement and weightlessness of 1504 (bottom row, right). Seeing all those pretty bridesmaid gowns, I was a smidge jealous I couldn't wear one too.


What was your first experience shopping for bridesmaid dresses?

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