Monday, October 18, 2010

Almost famous

Browsing through wedding blogs, I cam across a particularly lovely wedding on Style Me Pretty. The sneak peak of the ceremony showed a yellow stucco church that looked like nearby St. Joseph's on the Brandywine, but I couldn't be sure.

source for all

Then... I saw photos of the reception venue and fell in love. Sure it looked like the Greenville Country Club (our venue), but what's the likelihood of a national blog featuring little, ol' Delaware. It was probably someplace down in the Carolinas.

Tented reception on a brick patio with views of a rolling lawn... Hmmm.

Until I scrolled down to the vendor list, I still wasn't sure. But my hunches were confirmed on both counts! Color me surprised. I excitedly called Mr. P over and showed him the venue shots.

(This will be my dress soon enough.)

Our enthusiasm in our venue has been refreshed. (The bride also has an Asscher engagement ring. Similar taste, no?) Now I'm going to flip through the full album. See ya!

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