Thursday, October 21, 2010

It all works out

So... I got an email from my bridal consultant that basically said the information we were given a few days prior was wrong. Wrong as in the dress BM R picked out doesn't come in yellow. She apologized (wasn't her fault) and suggested I come in again to look at the other options.

I shouldn't have picked up the iPhone while on vacation. Blah.


My initial shock and disappointment for a return visit was quickly mitigated when Laura reminded me she's fine with whatever I pick, she's flexible and the more she thought about her dress pick, the more she felt it didn't go with my gown. What a relief. I forwarded the email to BM R, told her not to worry as I had a back-up plan.

Now the bridesmaid dress decision was wide open and able to fit into our vision all the better.

Did a set-back transform into a pleasant surprise with a little perspective?

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