Thursday, September 30, 2010

Engagement shoot - scheduled!

Now that the leaves are changing color, it's time to think about our fall engagement shoot with Heather Fowler. I finally remembered to email her about a late October shoot and it's set up for a Wednesday near the end of the month. Another reason why we love our photographer: she suggested a 4pm shoot to capture the best light of the day. It's something I feel strongly about. After all, the golden hour makes for some terrific shots.

Our location is a state park full of grassy meadows, open fields, stands of tall trees and a dramatic stone wall. Mr. P wants to visit the park to scout locations (I know, crazy right?) and snap photos. Done, done and done. I'm on board. We haven't gone yet but I have several archived albums, including a fall shoot from November 2008.

And wintry shots from January 2009 (which are almost worth changing seasons - if only snow was guaranteed!):

(all personal photos)

And if planning where we'd like to shoot wasn't enough, I've been on the hunt for inspiring e-shoots. More on that tomorrow!

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