Monday, September 13, 2010

Something's cookin'


To say that we love eating is stating the obvious. Everyone enjoys food! But cooking is a completely different animal. Before you can eat, you have to purchase and plan, then find the desire AND time... Once you've tackled those hurdles you've got prep, wash, chop, season, add heat and assemble. While you're at it, try to get everything to finish at the same time! Given all of this, why is it so surprising to learn other couples don't cook (alone or together)? We'd always assumed making meals together was automatic. You've gotta eat - why not do it together!

Baked Brie with brown sugar & pecans in puff pastry
So in demand we've now make two

One of the first meals Mr. P cooked for me was beef stew with Bisquick dumplings. No, it wasn't sophisticated, but it was novel and his sweet gesture impressed me. Weekend mornings meant omelettes or "busy" scrambled eggs. Even everyday garlic bread is elevated to something heavenly under his care and attention. (He says cooking Italian food is just an excuse to make a batch of the potent bread.)

Making meals at home allows us to eat healthier and save money by not dining out. For a young couple on a tight budget, we eat well. We could never afford to go out every night. At home, portions are a reasonable size and we know exactly what goes into the dish. The kitchen offers an technology-free escape to catch up on the day. I know I've got his full attention when we're there because he can't handle raw meat AND use his iPhone!

(rolled zucchini ribbons)

The time we've spent in the kitchen has taught us more about each other and is a snapshot of the some essential components to a happy relationship (or marriage):
- teamwork
- communication
- patience (he likes to chop and claims I'm too slow)
- personal space issues (oh, the perpetual struggle over the sweet spot by the sink!)
- cleaning styles (my clean-as-you-go vs. his "looks like a bomb went off in here" style)
- owning up to mistakes (ever mixed up baking soda/powder?)
- power struggles (who's going to clean up the dishes?)

The grillmaster

We each have our strong points and signature foods: he likes to improvise and grill while I am more precise and follow directions well (which lends itself to baking). He excels at the grill with his homemade bbq rub and perfectly grilled steaks, but there's also pecan pie, chicken scaprielle and omelettes. My dishes are pay homage to family recipes: snickerdoodles, meatloaf, fried okra with some new: guacamole and chili.

(All personal photos unless otherwise noted.)

Do you prepare meals together? What are your signature dishes?

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  1. I'm jealous. Mr. Dear only ever makes me frozen pizza!